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The twilight season is well under way with so far 2 blustery races around the islands. Old friends and competitors have been joined by a few new boats for the usual Tuesday evening contest and afterwards at the club for a hamburger or bistro meal and prize giving. Each season gives a challenge for the handicappers and brings in a new mix of boats and crews which makes for great fun and after all that is why we go out there – bit of wind spray and the occasional shout of STARBOARD. 

 The briefing before the season started brought our attention to careful racing as with boats sailing in contest the chance of injury has to be considered. 

 We also now have a Facebook Page “Drummoyne Sailing Club – Yacht Division” to keep up to date with what has happened and what is happening. Feel free to post a comment – please keep it nice – and also especially post pictures here. Facebook is a great opportunity to share and promote the club and this division in particular. 

We would also like to see a few more boats out on a Tuesday night. Invite your friends to come and contest a race or two or come for the whole season. The sailing is low key with people wanting to have a great sail and a good time rather than being all out to win at all costs. There is also a crew search App now available to any club member who would like to join a boat as crew. There is always a shortage of crew on a Tuesday night as some get caught up with work or family commitments. Turning up at the sailors bar around 5 will usually find you a boat to sail on. You really don’t need a lot of experience just be enthusiastic, willing to learn and be able to swim. Post some photos on Facebook and we will pick the best for the next issue

James Brigden 

“On Y Va!”

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