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Dawny’s Cockatoo Challenge – Sunday 18 November

A journey through Sydney’s maritime and environmental heritage…

There were two distances to swim on the day – 2.4km from the wharf outside Dawn Fraser Pool at Balmain around Cockatoo Island and back, or 1.1km from the Dawny pool to the island and return.

This was a terrific swim and you could not ask for better conditions. You wouldn’t think swimming in the Harbour would be so good, but the water was fine, and swimming through Sydney’s maritime heritage, and some of our most impressive harbourside real estate, was a treat, indeed. We all feel very privileged to be out there.

It was also encouraging to see people who were on Cockatoo Island coming out to cheer us on (or maybe could not believe that we were swimming in the Harbour) as we went around the back of Cockatoo Island.

Also a big thank you must go to the organisers of the Dawny Cockatoo Swim, the Waterpolo Club and all the sponsors for what a great day they put on once again. There were friendly people everywhere to chat to, and we were given free fresh fruit (Harris Farm Markets) and a bacon and egg roll went down a treat.

Would have to be one of the best swims. Great day, thank you so much.





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