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Tuesday evening racing has been run in some great winds giving exciting sailing as the boats run the gauntlet of the three islands.

Yellow division, often in lesser numbers than the other divisions, gets away first and seem to power away around the course. Close running boats of X-Ray, Admiral and Crowded Haus are the top contenders with Rush often going for line honours.

The Blue Division, surprisingly, have On Y Va in the lead – not sure how that happened but Luna Sea and Eau De Vie are close behind. I know the fun we have on a Tuesday nights and often Magic is the boat taking line honours – the Adams 10’s are formidable boats to beat.

Black Division is often a tightly competitive fleet of boats and Condition Red, another Joe Adams design , is just leading Chlairvrey with Paca in third. Y-Knot and Nortel are often the line honours boats, however there is a good fleet of craft enjoying the Tuesday night tussle.

Green Division, the division with the most entries, is being lead by the Endeavour Witchways II with Felicity J in second and Gold Dust in third – these guys always have a lot of fun sailing and a great entry point for anyone contemplating having a go at racing.

If you have a yacht and you are not out on a Tuesday night consider coming and having a go. The handicap system is working well and everyone seems to get a bottle of wine sometime through the season. Most importantly though is the fun of being out there,  improving your sailing skills and getting to know your boat and those sailing with you.

For those wanting to crew have a look at the web page click on crew and register – or just come down on a Tuesday around 5pm – there are usually a boat or two needing an extra – even if you don’t have much experience you will find a place and be on the learning curve.

Well, tight sheets for the rest of the season.
James Brigden
On Y Va! (lets go)

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