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Sydney Harbour Regatta 2019

Ophir tops the Super 30 class by one and a half points
Sailing his Flying Tiger Ophir with wife, Sonia, and two daughters (21 year-old Dana a 470 sailor)
and Jessica (an 18 year-old match racing sailor) Bruce Tavener has skated home to claim the Super 30
class by just 1.5 points from Matt Wilkinson’s fast finishing Farr 30, Foreign Affair.

“It normally comes down to that,” Tavener said. “We had a really good day yesterday – we knew we
had to get our boat speed up and minimise the errors. We had good starts in first two races and picked the shifts nicely.
“Today we were OCS in one race, but went back and managed to recover, but we were on the back foot of course.
We knew the handicap was going to start biting us, so we just put our heads down and sailed.
It became a drag race in the end, plus we had a ship to navigate our way around.
We are improving, despite our eight year-old main.”

There were 7 yachts in total representing Drummoyne Sailing Club at the Sydney Harbour Regatta 2019.
Results are as follows –

J-70 – Y-Knot – Steve Brady – 6th

Super-30s – Bruce Tavener – 1st

PHS Div 1 (Spin) – X-Ray – Ray Parrott – 5th

PHS Div 2 (Spin) – Luna Sea – James Cameron – 4th

PHS Div 2 (Non-Spin) – Eau de Vie – Kevin Gray/Arjen Klomp – 5th

PHS Div 2 (Non-Spin) – Tenspeed – Adam Baggett – 7th

PHS Div 2 (Non-Spin) – Alcamy – Ruth Lawrence – 9th

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