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The end of a great season topped off with a night of celebration in the Sailors’ bar. The usual mixture of winds – everything from too much to too little saw us cruising around the three islands with great aplomb. As usual everyone had a go and most came away with at least a bottle of wine through the season and a few were lucky enough to be awarded a prize or two. I do love the low key nature of our races – it really doesn’t matter if we come away with anything more than a good evening’s sailing – no ones keel came off, no masts came down and I don’t think there were any collisions of note. The costs kept to a minimum means everyone can have a go. You know it is possible to get out in these races for not a lot of money as boats are as cheap as chips at the moment – some good second hand sails a Maritime mooring and our club gives you sailing on a budget.  Of course there is also room for an admiral or two at the other end of the scale but we all know crews of all boats enjoy our tri island sail.

As for the results there was some confusion over green division however the Yellow division was taken out by Steve Piper on Admiral, The Blue division saw James Cameron come in on Luna Sea, Black with Josh Park on Condition Red and I stand to be corrected but green was topped with the ever successful Witchways II skippered by Jeff Finnegan.

Winter season is underway with the three West Harbour clubs on the first Sunday of the month – register with Balmain Sailing Club and otherwise come twilight sailing next summer on a Tuesday evening.

James Brigden
On Y Va! (lets go)


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