The last race of the season saw the Annual Point Score Championship still on the line. Ron Garner on Compo taking a points lead into the race over ever consistent Matthew Peat on the Thurlow Fisher Lawyers.

The Race started with a controversial with Ron Garner on Compo squeezing a port start in front of Bruce Moore on Deloitte’s, making them miss the starters pin and having to re-round to cross the line. But as fortune would have it put them into a favourable position to take the next major wind shift and take the lead from Compo.

Deloitte’s took the lead to the top mark following by Thurlow Fisher Lawyers and Compo close behind. Deloitte’s held their lead for the next two kite runs with Thurlow Fisher close behind. As the breeze settled Thurlow Fisher took the lead up the next work and rounded the top mark first with Deloitte’s 2nd and Compo whilst dropping back was still well in contention of handicap time.

Over the kite run Thurlow Fisher opened up their lead over second place but the overall gap to Compo was being maintained until at the bottom of the kite ride. Compo came into the bottom mark too hot and capsizes costing precious minutes.

Places were being maintain at the front for the next work and 2 kite legs but Compo started losing touch with the leaders and started getting different breezes. Deloitte’s made one last assault on the lead near the top mark for the last time as the breeze started to die off, getting within 15 seconds on the lead but the incoming tide and shifty breeze made mark rounding difficult and Thurlow Fisher escape to sail away with the win.

Handicap honours also went to Thurlow Fisher, Deloitte’s second and Compo third as they could not recover from their early swim to maintain the second place they required with the Championship going to Thurlow Fisher Lawyers


Club Championship

1st           Deloitte ToucheTomastsu         Bruce Moore

2nd          Thurlow Fisher Lawyers           Matthew Peat

3rd           Waterway Construction            David Mitchell

Fastest Time Championship

1st           Thurlow Fisher Lawyers          Matthew Peat

2nd          Deloitte ToucheTomastsu         Bruce Moore

3rd           Waterway Construction           David Mitchell

Point Score Championship

1st           Thurlow Fisher Lawyers          Matthew Peat

2nd          Compo                                    Ron Garner

3rd           Deloitte ToucheTomastsu     Bruce Moore