16ft Skiff Racing at Drummoyne

The 16ft skiff was the founding class of Drummoyne Sailing Club. With a long standing history, dating back to 1901 the 16ft skiff has seen a huge number of sailors rise through the ranks of the class with many grandchildren and great-grandchildren of original skiff sailors still racing today.

The 16ft skiff class has one of the largest fleet of high performance sailors racing in Australia, with over 50 boats racing annually at the Australian Championships. The boats have seen many changes and developments over the last hundred years. The modern skiff has 3 people racing with 2 crew on trapeze and a large masthead spinnaker.

Currently, Drummoyne Sailing Club has the highest number of female sailors participating at any skiff club throughout Australia. A development which we are not only incredibly proud of, but also one we hope to build on in the coming years.

Racing every Saturday throughout summer at 2pm, the skiffs are a popular fleet to spectate from the balcony of the Drummoyne Sailing Club. Known for the thrilling rides and exciting spills, the skiffs are great boats for sailors from all backgrounds with many sailors progressing through the junior fleets at Drummoyne.

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