Drummoyne Juniors Covid-19 response and end of season wrap up

Hi everyone.

As you will all be aware by now, Drummoyne Sailing club has cancelled all sailing events for the rest of the season, including the Sailing Academy, and courses scheduled for the next few months, such as the power boat courses.

This was a difficult decision for the sailing committee and the board.

It was immediately clear that there could be no further club racing, simply because of the high probability of people being unable to attend in the current circumstances, through no fault of their own, and with Universities moving to online learning, Schools preparing for the possibility of closing, increasing restrictions every day, and the simple responsibility of doing the right thing for pubic safety, even organised non point score events have become untenable.

We had scheduled our Presentation Night, and we looking to schedule our annual general meeting, which we normally combine with our fun day.

It is likely we will hold these events as opening events for the 20-21 season. A great way to kick of the new season with friends.

And so a successful season has come to an early close, however we have been very privileged to have had the year we have had. So bearing in mind what a great years sailing we have had, it would be great to reflect on that for a moment.

I’d like to thank a number of volunteers who gave up their time to make the season a success.

First, Dave Mitchell and the Board for there support, especially in relation to getting the women’s showers updated, and our 2 National League teams to last weeks regatta at Hunters Hill.

Our Commodore, Stephen Brady, who’s support and passion has helped us get a more cohesive club this year, and worked to help coordinate the many classes and regattas and across many fleets, and taking many issues to the Board for us.

Our Manager Joe for his support and behind the scenes help whenever I have asked.

Our Race officer, Alex Palmer, who works tirelessly to make every race safe, and a success. We couldn’t do what we do without him.

And Simon Armstrong Bunker for stepping in as RO, Organiser, of anything and everything when required.

Sarah Moy and Gail Kellam and a multitude of helpers on the BBQ who have kept us fed every week. We all look forward to our Sunday bacon and egg rolls.

Beach Master David Nelson and all the support boat drivers and crews, who get us all out, set the course and us all back safely every week, and Daryl for his tireless effort on endless boat repairs keeping kids on the water.

Our Class Reps, Tim, Josie, Brendan and David. Tim in particular has been incredibly busy organising coaching, learn to race, and coordinating for regattas both at DSC and away.

All the committee who work tirelessly to keep us going, and keeping me on track.

And Lily Peel for keeping our facebook and Website up to date, and drafting much of what your reading, making me look far more literate than I really am.

So how has the sailing year unfolded?

We held the SNSW zone training camp held in September of 2019 which saw 8 sabots hit the water of the three days and hone their sailing skills. We then held the Sabot State Titles over the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of November which saw 57 sabots squeeze onto our beach.

In conjunction with the yachts (Thank you Ivan for organising) we held the first ever ‘Kids on yachts’ night which saw 14 yachts take out a total of 20 young, and slightly older kids in their Christmas twilight race. This event saw a beautiful combination of different sailing generation all sailing together, teaching and learning off each other, passing on old stories. Some of the kids even came off the yachts a little richer after deciding that a swear jar was needed on some yachts.

We took a break from club racing over the Christmas new year period which saw 12 Cherubs make the trip up to Darling Point Sailing Club in Brisbane where Emma Harris and Brendan Jenkins took out first place and first female skipper, The Cadet Champion (helm under 18 yrs) was won by our own Maddie Lavis helming 3179 Between the Sheets with father Ben Lavis. Cathy Pagett, was the best place female crew also from Drummoyne

10 Sabots ventured up the harbour to sail their Nationals out of Vaucluse Sailing Club, where over 50 boats competed for honours. The conditions were challenging, however a lot of fun was had by all and some good results achieved. With Oscar Moy coming in 10th, Nick von Behre 17th, Then Simon Clayton-Adam 21st and Evie Doolan 27th Max Lane 36th Lucy Nelson 40th all n there first nationals, And James Medland who suffered a number of gear failures, causing him to miss a number of races, in 48th. Sabot week saw Josh Green in 5th, Andrew Worsfold in 11th, and Alex Clark in 12th in Sarah Doolin and Kirby Valtwies in Where’s Wally and Willam nelson and Emma Badger in Top gun took out firs and second in the 2 up.

The Ok Dinghy’s sailed their nationals out of Adelaide Sailing Club with 4 boats making the trip across. Peter Robinson took out 7th Place, followed by Grant Wakefield taking out 9th, Philip Barnett followed in 18th and Michael Walker finished in 26th, taking out the Grand Champion trophy for the regatta.

For the first time in a very long time Drummoyne saw one of its Flying 11s entered into a National regatta, with Oscar Molloy along with long time friend Eddie Yoshida making the long trip up to Queensland to compete in the Flying 11 Nationals. With very little training and an array of boat problems they managed to finish 51 overall, how good. The last few weeks of the season, saw two of the club flying 11s hit the water with sabot sailors giving three sails rather than one a go.

The season saw the return of many old sailing duos hit the water, as well as a magnitude of new sailors joining the season racing. Oliver Jones managed to put his brand new Cherub, which he build along with the help and guidance of other Drummoyne sailors, New Direction, on the water.

The laser fleet had a great 2019/2020 season. The fleet remained strong for the season, running a variety of courses, often choosing to run two short races rather than a single long race…

This season saw the addition of another learn to sail program come out of the Sailing Academy operating on Sundays now not just Saturdays. The juniors also started their Mid Week Sabot Training held in conjunction with the yacht sailors on a Tuesday night. The training saw and average of 7 boats turn up to training each week, being looked after by coaches Lily and Haylee Kellam.

This past weekend saw 8 Drummoyne sailors from all areas of junior and yacht racing head over to Hunters Hill Sailing Club to compete in the to participated in the northern selection round for the National Sailing League (NSL) competing RD 21s. The DSC teams came away with some good results, including a few seconds and third places in some heats.

Too all our members, friends and family, stay safe and stay connected in this crazy and scary time. Just because we don’t meet up every Sunday doesn’t mean we aren’t here for one and other. The best part of about being apart of the Drummoyne sailing club is that we really are one big family. So make sure you stay in touch with your friends, give them a ring, make sure they have enough loo paper, and that they are doing ok. In the mean time watch some sailing videos, have a look at past photos from this season, we will all be back together, sailing and eating bacon and egg rolls before we know it.

I feel very privileged to have been part of the season we have had and am looking forward to next season.

Juniors President
Warwick Plumsted



The Drummoyne Juniors is made up four different kinds of boats, with sailors from all walks of life. We have kids as young as 6 sailing in our junior fleets, and adults as young as 60 sailing in our more senior classes.

We sail on a Sunday afternoon, with the BBQ set up and ready to serve Bacon and Egg rolls from 10am sharp! We are a volunteer based community full of fun and inviting people who are all willing to come together every Sunday and bond over our love of sailing, good conversation and an ice cold beer.

Our sailing season starts Sunday 8th of September 2019. We welcome all new comers to the world of sailing, no matter how little you think you know about sailing we have had someone join our club who knew less.

Sunday mornings are the perfect time to come down and casually have a look around the club and maybe go out for a sail with one of our Junior sailors, but if you are looking for a more structured approach to sailing check out our amazing learn to sail programs HERE, these programs cater for both kids and adults and run at different times throughout the year.


The Sabots are the beginning for most children’s journey through the Sailing world. Sabots are a one sail dinghy (boat) specifically designed as a beginner class. Younger kids between 7 and 12 sail the sabot 2up, meaning two kids in the boat, and then from 12 up to 16 kids can sail the Sabot one up or single handed. Sabots give young sailors the skills and confidence to continue up through our other fleets, giving them a platform to propel into the sailing world in a safe and fun environment.

Sabots are great to learn to sail in, due to their simplicity and small size. Sailing in the sheltered waters of Drummoyne is perfect for beginners, but also allows sailors to develop their sailing skills to move on to compete at a more professional level at State or National titles. For more information about the LEARN TO SAIL program at Drummoyne Sailing clubs CLICK HERE.




The Flying Eleven is the next step up from the Sabots. They are a high performance, light weight racing dinghy (boat). They are sailed by two people ranging from 10 to 17 years old boys and girls sitting at a combined weight of around 75 to 115kg. The Flying 11 was designed in Australia for Aussie conditions and is the perfect boat to help kids transition from one sail to three sails and prepare them for venturing into larger boats when the time comes. There are 60 flying 11s currently racing in NSW alone, making flying 11s the perfect boat for kids to sail in both a highly competitive and social environment.




Lasers are a 13ft long dinghy (boat), the next boat up from a Sabot, or Flying 11. Lasers are much like a Sabot, although larger and faster. They are sailed predominantly by boys and girls in their mid-teens to late teens at Drummoyne Sailing club, although there is no age limit imposed on a Laser.

The hull of a Laser always stays the same although depending on how heavy the sailor is the sail can be changed between a 4.7 meter squared sail or a 5.8 meter squared sail (Laser radial). Lasers give sailors the opportunity to refine their sailing skills on a technical level, while also being extremely fun and social boats to sail. Lasers make an excellent step up for kids who have out grown their Sabot and or Flying 11, Drummoyne currently has a small but growing fleet of Lasers with at least four boats competitively sailing each Sunday.




Cherubs are a high performance 12ft skiff with sailors ranging from 14 to 60+ years old. They are the next step for junior sailors graduating from our Sabot, Flying 11 and Laser fleets. The Cherubs are a fast and fun skiff, there are currently 20 registered Cherubs at Drummoyne sailing club, and 40+ competitive boats Australia wide. Cherubs are an amazing class, which allow you to sail at either a high competitive level, or at more of a social one. The Cherubs have been a competitive class at Drummoyne sailing club for a significant period of time and are ever growing. The off-water festivities of the Cherubs are unrivalled in the sailing community, but you’ll have to see for yourselves.




  • There are currently up coming events due to Covid-19
Learn to Sail
Flying 11
Laser 4.7


Our aim at Drummoyne Juniors is to get the whole family involved. Sailing is unique in the fact that we are a sport that needs and wants the whole families involvement. From the kids sailing in the Juniors, to mums and dads joining in behind the BBQ we want you all. We aim for the parents to join in with the older sailing fleets like the Cherub or OK Dinghies or even become a part of the Yachts. We want the grandparents to come down and have lunch at the club while watching their grandkids learn to sail while manning the radio station upstairs. We want everyone to feel like they have a place and a role within our Drummoyne Juniors’ family, and within the wider Drummoyne Sailing Club Family.

Joining the Juniors at Drummoyne may initially be for the benefit of your kids, but once you’ve spent a few Sundays helping out in the Support boats, or lounging in the sun with a glass of wine in hand you will understand that sailing is its own unique little world that opens so many doors for both kids and adults alike. The juniors is a place to escape to on the weekend and surround yourself with new friends and family.


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If you have any questions please send us a message on our Facebook page, and or send us an email at


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