The Drummoyne Juniors is made up four different kinds of boats, with sailors from all walks of life. We have kids as young as 6 sailing in our junior fleets, and adults as young as 60 sailing in our more senior classes.

We sail on a Sunday afternoon, with the BBQ set up and ready to serve Bacon and Egg rolls from 10am sharp! (Due to Covid 19 restrictions the BBQ is currently not operating). We are a volunteer based community full of fun and inviting people who are all willing to come together every Sunday and bond over our love of sailing, good conversation and an ice cold beer.

We welcome all new comers to the world of sailing, no matter how little you think you know about sailing we have had someone join our club who knew less.

Sunday mornings are the perfect time to come down and casually have a look around the club and maybe go out for a sail with one of our Junior sailors, but if you are looking for a more structured approach to sailing check out our amazing learn to sail programs HERE, these programs cater for both kids and adults and run at different times throughout the year.


The Sabots are the beginning for most children’s journey through the Sailing world. Sabots are a one sail dinghy (boat) specifically designed as a beginner class. Younger kids between 7 and 12 sail the sabot 2up, meaning two kids in the boat, and then from 12 up to 16 kids can sail the Sabot one up or single handed. Sabots give young sailors the skills and confidence to continue up through our other fleets, giving them a platform to propel into the sailing world in a safe and fun environment.

Sabots are great to learn to sail in, due to their simplicity and small size. Sailing in the sheltered waters of Drummoyne is perfect for beginners, but also allows sailors to develop their sailing skills to move on to compete at a more professional level at State or National titles. For more information about the LEARN TO SAIL program at Drummoyne Sailing clubs CLICK HERE.




The Flying Eleven is the next step up from the Sabots. They are a high performance, light weight racing dinghy (boat). They are sailed by two people ranging from 10 to 17 years old boys and girls sitting at a combined weight of around 75 to 115kg. The Flying 11 was designed in Australia for Aussie conditions and is the perfect boat to help kids transition from one sail to three sails and prepare them for venturing into larger boats when the time comes. There are 60 flying 11s currently racing in NSW alone, making flying 11s the perfect boat for kids to sail in both a highly competitive and social environment.




Lasers are a 13ft long dinghy (boat), the next boat up from a Sabot, or Flying 11. Lasers are much like a Sabot, although larger and faster. They are sailed predominantly by boys and girls in their mid-teens to late teens at Drummoyne Sailing club, although there is no age limit imposed on a Laser.

The hull of a Laser always stays the same although depending on how heavy the sailor is the sail can be changed between a 4.7 meter squared sail or a 5.8 meter squared sail (Laser radial). Lasers give sailors the opportunity to refine their sailing skills on a technical level, while also being extremely fun and social boats to sail. Lasers make an excellent step up for kids who have out grown their Sabot and or Flying 11, Drummoyne currently has a small but growing fleet of Lasers with at least four boats competitively sailing each Sunday.




Cherubs are a high performance 12ft skiff with sailors ranging from 14 to 60+ years old. They are the next step for junior sailors graduating from our Sabot, Flying 11 and Laser fleets. The Cherubs are a fast and fun skiff, there are currently 20 registered Cherubs at Drummoyne sailing club, and 40+ competitive boats Australia wide. Cherubs are an amazing class, which allow you to sail at either a high competitive level, or at more of a social one. The Cherubs have been a competitive class at Drummoyne sailing club for a significant period of time and are ever growing. The off-water festivities of the Cherubs are unrivalled in the sailing community, but you’ll have to see for yourselves.




  • 06/03/21 – 07/-3/21 NSW Cherub State titles Saratoga
  • 13/03/21 – 14/03/21 Sabot training weekend Wangi Wangi
  • 20/03/21 – 21/03/21 NSW Sabot Zone regatta, location TBA
  • 28/03/21, Juniors Club Championship Race
Learn to Sail
Flying 11
Laser 4.7


Our aim at Drummoyne Juniors is to get the whole family involved. Sailing is unique in the fact that we are a sport that needs and wants the whole families involvement. From the kids sailing in the Juniors, to mums and dads joining in behind the BBQ we want you all. We aim for the parents to join in with the older sailing fleets like the Cherub or OK Dinghies or even become a part of the Yachts. We want the grandparents to come down and have lunch at the club while watching their grandkids learn to sail while manning the radio station upstairs. We want everyone to feel like they have a place and a role within our Drummoyne Juniors’ family, and within the wider Drummoyne Sailing Club Family.

Joining the Juniors at Drummoyne may initially be for the benefit of your kids, but once you’ve spent a few Sundays helping out in the Support boats, or lounging in the sun with a glass of wine in hand you will understand that sailing is its own unique little world that opens so many doors for both kids and adults alike. The juniors is a place to escape to on the weekend and surround yourself with new friends and family.


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