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TS16s at Drummoyne Sailing Club

TS16s, also known as Hartleys, race most Saturday afternoons from September to April, with a break over Christmas and occasional rest days when large-scale sailing events are held at the club. The races commence at 2pm, and are usually well over by 5pm.

The courses are triangular, going around Snapper and Spectacle Islands and, depending on the wind, around Cockatoo Island as far as Mann’s Point, or down to Huntley’s Point.

The TS16 sailers are friendly but that does not blunt their competitive edge. Some have sailed for decades, others had never sailed until they stepped into a TS16. TS16 sailors range in age from their twenties to their seventies.

If you are interested in learning about the fleet, come down to the club on a Saturday before 12 and meet some of the sailors. There are also frequent opportunities to crew.


The Hartley TS16 was designed by New Zealander Richard Hartley in the late 1950s. The intention was to create an affordable boat that could be built by the home handyman, and towed on a trailer behind a four cylinder car.

The boats are launched from the trailer. It is a one class design. The majority are made from plywood, though there are some fibreglass boats. The TS16 is 5 metres (16 feet 5 inches) long, with a steel plate centreboard and a small half cabin. It has a 11.6 square metre mainsail and a 5.2 metre jib.

The TS16 can capsize – a very rare event – and in that event they cannot be righted, but must be towed ashore. The races at DSC are followed by a support boat that is equipped to do this.

A brief history of TS16s at Drummoyne Sailing Club.

The driving force behind the class joining the club was Norm Brown.

Norm was a well-known 18 footer man. In an article about Norm in Seacraft magazine in 1972, titled “King of the TS16s”, Norm said the TS16 had saved his marriage! He said: “My big problem was that (wife) Joy likes to sail too, so I had to find a boat that we could race; that the family would enjoy and that would keep me out of the divorce courts.” That boat was a TS16.

There was some initial resistance to TS16s joining DSC, where the main focus on 16 foot skiffs. So Norm, with other TS16 sailers, set up the Chiswick Sailing Club in Five Dock Bay. After several years of Norm’s persistent campaigning, DSC accepted the TS16s in 1969, and they have raced there ever since.

Norm and Joy, in Neried and then Ariki, won the first three DSC TS16 club championships and were national champions four times.

The TS16s have attracted skiff sailers, who want an equally competitive but less strenuous sail, or who, like Norm, want to sail with members of their family. The class has also attracted first-time sailers.

The club has produced many state and national champions. The current National TS16 title holder, Ultimately Sinister, sails at DSC, as does the former National title holder, Uncle Roy.

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