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Race 17

At last a Saturday in 2022 when the sun came out and a 10 to 15 knot breeze sprang up. That breeze, however, was unusual, coming from the south west and the afternoon brought a strong ebb tide.

Race 17 had a scratch start, with seven boats crossing the start line. Garry Wills replaced Eric Partland at the tiller of Uncle Norm and John Whitelock took Garry’s position up the front.

The race started at buoy 4, off Balmain between Cockatoo and Snapper Islands.

Club Champion Totally Sinister, Craig Jelfs and Neil Bilsborough, were first round buoy 6, off Lyons Road and Spectacle Island, then came Tranquil, Neil Johnson and Brett Pollitt, Annette, Ron Johnston and Ben Speed, with the rest of the fleet following close behind.

The south west course is rarely sailed, and this appeared to cause some confusion in the fleet.

The next leg was up to buoy 3 off Manns Point, but the wind direction made it almost impossible to see the flag. Some mistook buoy 7, set for the skiffs which round that instead of 3, for the mark.

Tranquil, showing well-placed trust in the support boat crew, headed to buoy 3, grabbing the lead from those diverting to 7.

The breeze freshened and Totally Sinister gradually clawed back the lead. Tranquil was second across the line, with Merlot, Pete McSullea and Peter Deall, third.

Merlot was first on handicap. Tempo, Peter Dallas and Ian Campbell was second and Tranquil third.

Murphy’s Law, David Johnston and Kate Thompson, is leading the season point score. Tranquil is second and Totally Sinister third.

Totally Sinister is leading the Summer Point score, followed by Annette and Murphy’s Law.

Uncle Norm is leading the Fastest Time point score, followed by Totally Sinister then Tranquil.

The next race, race 18, will be the last of the season and will be followed by a barbeque at the clubhouse.

The AGM is booked for July 2, 2022 at 11am.

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