In Hartley TS16

Helen Joy’s team of Chris Giaquinto and John Whitelock were again successful in Race 18, winning the handicap for a second week in a row.

Race 18 was a handicap race sailed in a light easterly.

Tempo, Peter Dallas and Ian Campbell, was first off on handicap, and lead until just before the end of the third work, at the second last mark. Helen Joy, which had been working its way through the fleet, displayed local knowledge in the last work. As the wind swung around to the north-east, Helen Joy sailed along the Birchgrove shore, picking up a lift that got it around the Manns Point buoy ahead of Tempo. Helen Joy crossed the line 2 minutes 18 seconds ahead of Tempo, which in turn was just one second ahead of Aeolian, Darren and Kylie Chignell.

Uncle Norm, Eric Partland and Gary Wills, had the fastest time, with Helen Joy scoring the second fastest and Aeolian the third fastest.

Helen Joy now leads on the Gilliard Point Score, which is based on the last three races of the season.

Annette, Ron Johnston and Ben Speed, is leading the Season Point Score, followed by Uncle Norm and Murphy’s Law, David and Russell Johnston.

Uncle Norm is leading the Fastest point score, with Tranquil, Neil Johnson and Bret Pollitt second and Aeolian third.

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